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Corporate Services, Company Formation and Tax Compliance in Poland . Poland, after joining the European Union, has become 6th economy in UE and an attractive place to carry out business transactions and a convenient point for the distribution of goods.

OECD praises Poland

Poland has the highest rate of economic growth compared with the most developed countries of the world – according to the OECD report. On Wednesday March 28th the leader of OECD Angel Gurria and Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak presented the analysis of the actual state and prospects of t...
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Polish GDP on the rise

There was great news for Poland at the end of 2011’s fourth quarter of the year as its economy grew 4.3 percent year on year. According to reports from the central Statistical Office (GUS), this figure was slightly better than expected with economists predicting a 4.2 percent growth. It is predic...
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