Poland as a logistic hub – Amazon to open three distribution centers

Amazon’s recent decision to open three distribution centres in Poland, creating 6,000 full-time and up to 9,000 part-time jobs, shows the country’s attractiveness as a base for logistics activities.


The past decade’s expansion of the EU to take in a further 94 million consumers has changed the logistics map of Europe. Hundreds of billions of euros of structural and cohesion funds are being spent to weave the new member states into the EU’s infrastructural fabric, providing better routes to market. Poland has a crucial importance in this new logistics geography. Located at the crossroads of Europe, between western and eastern Europe, between Scandinavia and the Balkans, with ice-free Baltic ports; standing astride trunk trans-European road and rail networks, Poland has developed into the region’s most significant logistics hub.

source: http://www.bpcc.org.pl/en/