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Any business choosing Intertax tax consulting services will have access to comprehensive assistance with any tax-related proceedings and difficulties and the rationalization of its liabilities to the Polish tax authorities. After a thorough analysis, Intertax consultants will inform you of the exact fiscal obligations resulting from your current and past operations – or any business operations you may have planned.


The analysis is also aimed at working out individual solutions which will allow your company to minimize its tax liabilities while streamlining business procedures and the way they are documented, keeping both compliance with the current taxregulations and minimizing operating costs in mind. Most of the time, Intertax”s working relationship with a new client starts with determining whether the business in question is required to register as a VAT taxpayer or is exempt from this obligation. Only then do our excellent consultants prepare all the necessary paperwork – the applications and forms which, once signed by a person authorised by the client, are submitted at the relevant tax office.


The office in question then issues the client with the Polish tax identification number (known as the NIP number) and a confirmation of the registration as an active VAT taxpayer for VAT purposes. Intertax”s VAT consulting services also include help with every step of the process of obtaining individual tax rulings from the Polish Minister of Finance.