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Corporate Services, Company Formation and Tax Compliance in Poland . Poland, after joining the European Union, has become 6th economy in UE and an attractive place to carry out business transactions and a convenient point for the distribution of goods.

Slim VAT in Poland

SLIM VAT is a package of changes, the outline of which was presented on Thursday by the Polish Ministry of Finance. The main areas of the changes include simplification in invoicing, exporting and in exchange rates. The simplifications shall be implemented within the first months of 2021. The SLIM (...
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Poland. Bad debt relief in VAT

The bad debt relief is a privilege of VAT payers, whose clients do not pay in a timely manner for purchased goods or services. On the other hand, in relation to debtors, it introduces the obligation to correct the deducted input VAT resulting from unpaid invoices.   Conditions for using the bad...
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