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Tag: wage in Poland

Starting from January 1st the minimum wage in 2014 is 1680 PLN gross. It is 80 PLN more than 2013 minimum wage in the gross amount of 1600 PLN.

The increase in minimum wage results in higher ZUS contributions, which entrepreneurs are obliged to pay, both for themselves and for employees. It also affects the amount of other benefits to employees that are derivatives of the minimum wages.


New amount of the lowest wage is specified in Council of Ministers regulation of September 11th 2013 on the minimum wage in 2014 (Journal of Laws item. 1074).


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Currently Polish people can buy more goods than Portuguese – for the minimum wage.

In January the minimal wage in Poland has increased to 376,58 EUR gross per month. This is the highest in Eastern European countries, but still much less than it is in Western Europe. The lowest minimum wage there is in Romania (157 EUR), and the highest in Luxembourg – 1 874 EUR per month. Eurostat includes us in the group of countries with the lowest minimum wage. The situation is quite different, however, if we take into account the purchasing power parity of wages. In this comparison we belong to the middle-income countries. What’s more, in 2013, for the first time Poland was ahead of the country of the “old” EU – Portugal. The fact that a Pole for minimum wage can buy more goods and services than the Portuguese, it is a good news for the public. After all Portugal is a country wealthier than Poland. According department of labor research, the minimum wage is shaping at 40 percent of the average earnings. In less wealthier areas, such as Eastern Poland, the minimum wage can have a much higher purchasing power than in Warsaw. It is estimated that the minimum wage in Poland receives about 3 percent of employees.


From January 1st 2013 the minimum wage (the lowest wage guaranteed by law) in Poland has increased to 1600 PLN per month, which is higher by 100 PLN than minimal wage in force last year (1500 PLN from January 1st 2012).

From January 1st 2013 the minimum wage is expected to be 1600 PLN gross according to the draft of the Regulation of September 7th, published by the department of Labor. According to the project, the minimum wage in 2013 is expected to grow by a 6.7 percent compared to the current year. The government project is a response to the provisions of the minimum wage Act from October 10th 2002. (more…)

Since January 1st 2012, the minimum monthly salary amounts to 1500 PLN, having been increased by 8.2%. The average monthly salary reached 3666 PLN.

Wage developments in Poland over the past three years:


  Minimum wage (gross)  Average salary (gross)
2012 1 500 PLN 3 666 PLN
2011 1 386 PLN 3 438 PLN
2010 1 320 PLN 3 315 PLN