Expected increase of the minimum wage in Poland

From January 1st 2013 the minimum wage is expected to be 1600 PLN gross according to the draft of the Regulation of September 7th, published by the department of Labor. According to the project, the minimum wage in 2013 is expected to grow by a 6.7 percent compared to the current year. The government project is a response to the provisions of the minimum wage Act from October 10th 2002.
Article. 2, paragraph 5 states that if the Trilateral Commission shall not determine to July 15th of a given year, a minimum wage amount for the next year the Council of Ministers shall determine the amount of the minimum wage by regulation, by September 15th each year.

Minimum wage rate in previous years:
       1.386 PLN from January 1st 2011,
       1.500 PLN from January 1st 2012.