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VAT reporting in Poland

VAT reporting (Poland) Intertax”s services will help your business settle your obligations with the Polish tax authorities. We offer assistance with preparing and submitting relevant tax declarations, but we can also calculate the amount of refunds your business may be entitled to under Polish tax law and the exact amount you will be required to pay into the national budget.

It is important to remember that from 1st July 2018, every taxpayer in Poland is under obligation to provide additional SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) files if requested by the tax authorities. The request may be made during tax proceedings, verification procedures or tax and customs audits, and the tax authorities may make them of any taxpayer, no matter the size of the company. This provision was introduced in order to shorten the duration of tax audits as well as to minimize the frequency with which taxpayers need to visit the tax office, and the number of visits made by controllers in the taxpayers” main offices.

While it does streamline some processes, it also requires such additional files to be readily available to be sent. Here it is worth keeping in mind that the files requested may refer to: bank statements, account books, VAT invoices, tax revenue and expense ledgers,revenue accounts and stock, all needing to be properly formatted and submitted electronically within a short timespan. Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, at Intertax we are capable of providing our clients with comprehensive solutions in this area, thus guaranteeing both tax safety and the fulfillment of your business goals.