Extensions of tax deadlines in Poland

The National Council of Tax advisors in Poland appeals to the Minister of Finance to extend tax deadlines and to support taxpayers in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Except for postponing tax deadlines the tax advisors propose refraining from imposing penalties for failing to comply with the deadlines, and appeal for quickly adopting a special act, mitigating the negative effects of the crisis.

The National Council of Tax Advisors draws attention to the fact that restrictions and prevention associated with the appearance of coronavirus in Poland may cause significant difficulties in fulfilling tax obligations.

Tax advisors have been working on a shielding package for companies – they appointed a special team to help the government to work on the special act introducing considerable help to the taxpayers. Tax advisors prepared several dozen proposed changes. On Monday, the 16th of March 2020 the recommendations of tax advisors, in the form of a report, will be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance with which the National Council of Tax Advisors in Poland has established cooperation. It is the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Development that develops the so-called a shielding package for companies in connection with coronavirus. The package will include a set of regulations and actions aimed at helping businesses to survive the current difficult situation not only in Poland but also globally. The details of the project will be known at the beginning of the week.