Changes in the Polish Tax Law – EU cooperation

The Ministry of Finance presented a draft of a new law on mutual assistance within the European Union for the recovery of taxes, duties and other charges. The new rules adjust the Polish law to the requirements of the EU Directive 2011/16/EU. Polish Tax Authorities will be entitled to turn to their counterpart in the another EU country, and to ask them to collect the underpaid or unpaid taxes, customs duties, other fees or local taxes (levied by local governments). Using of a assistance of a foreign tax institution will be possible, if the total amount of outstanding taxes or other fees is equivalent to at least 1500 EUR. This solution will also work the other way and Tax Authorities from another EU member state will have the same rights.


The Polish Ministry of Finance will be organizing the co-operation through the subordinate central liaison office. According to the new law draft details including tax reporting rules within EU will be defined. Additionally, the rules allow for the conclusion of agreements providing for staying in Poland, the representatives of given EU tax Authorities at the premises of the Polish Tax authorities and tax inspection offices, as well as their presence during the tax and audit proceedings.