The small foreign companies has become fond of Poland

At the end of 2011 Poland had just over 24,9 thousand of foreign companies in Poland, an increase of 7,9 percent than a year before – stated GUS (Central Statistical Office).

In 2011 alone, the total of 1533 foreign companies was established in Poland (mostly funded from the ground up) which turns up to be the best result since 2008.

What is specific to 2011, up to 93 percent of new foreign enterprises established in Poland are being micro companies hiring no more than 9 employees. Most of them started in the trade sector. In the result the declared foreign capital of all companies is 51 percent lower than in 2010 and totaled to around 930 million PLN.

The experts concluded that in addition to the spectacular investment, widely reported by the media, Poland has a pretty wide stream of small businesses. Even less well-known entrepreneurs, mainly from Germany, Scandinavia, and Italy, are seeing the potential in Poland to sell their products. Against the background of euro zone being in recession and weaker consumer moods Poland appears to be stable and large market. Altogether, at the companies with the end of 2011, the companies with foreign capital employed approximately 1.57 million people (about 3.2 percent more than in 2010.

Nearly half of the business entities invested 73.7 billion PLN total, meaning the 19.6 percent increase.