Polish Business in numbers

Enterprises are responsible for three quarters of the Polish GDP. The investments made by companies are worth three times more than government investment – according to a new report entitled: “Entrepreneurs in Poland. Facts, figures, examples “. The report concludes that three quarters of the Polish GDP is created in strictly economic sectors, mainly in services, industry, transport, agriculture and construction. The public budgetary sphere is responsible for the remaining 25% of the Polish national product. On average, 166 new companies are registered each hour. Their “survival rate” is currently about 50% after three years of operation.


In 2011 the Polish State budget benefited from 123 billion PLN from the taxes paid by the companies from VAT and CIT taxes. The study also showed that companies have relatively good reputation in the community – 73% of Poles evaluate them as useful. The report was prepared by a team of economic journalists.


For more information (PL) please visit: http://pkpplewiatan.pl/dla_mediow/informacje_prasowe/1/_files/2013_02/polska.pdf