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VAT 2014 – tax base-changes

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Since 2014, the rules for determining the taxable amount will be completely changed (based on VAT Directive)


By the end of 2013

Since 2014

The tax base is the turnover. The turnover is the amount due on the   sale, which is decreased by the amount of tax due.
The amount due includes all benefits which are payable by the buyer or   a third party. Turnover  is increased by subsidies, grants and other payments of a similar nature which were   received and have a direct impact on the price (the amount due) of goods   which are supplied or services which are rendered by the taxpayer and is increased by the amount of tax due.
The tax base is everything which constitutes payment which was received/will be received by   that person who performs supply of the goods or renders services received from the customer or a third party including those obtained grants, subsidies and other payments of a similar nature which have direct impact on the price of supplied goods or services provided by the taxpayer.
The tax base in particular will be expected to cover commission, cost   of packing, transport and insurance.
It will not include granted discount to the customer and price   reductions which are included at the time of the sale.


In the case of the supply of goods which are equated with payable supply of goods, the tax base is calculated from the value of the purchase price of the goods or similar goods.
When there is no value of the purchase price the cost of production should be used. These amounts are determined at the time of delivery of the goods at the market price on the date of submission, not historical price.