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INTERTAX is leading, independent provider of corporate services, advisory for management boards, office management services in Poland and Registered Office in Poland. One place where you will get any necessary help in conducting business in Poland you may need. Comprehensive offer, fast response and reliable services – do not hesitate to contact us for further details on how to register a company in Poland in the fastest possible timeframe. Our office in Warsaw makes it convenient to ensure that company incorporation in Poland is efficient and quick procedure.


At INTERTAX we understand how time consuming task is filing a tax return correctly and on time. We can provide you with a full range of services that will give you clear insight into your company strategy, business processes and financial reports.

We are committed to give you professional advice and support needed to manage your operational and financial processes and the risks involved.


Our team consist of highly trained professionals who will deliver a broad range of proactive tax and accounting services that can be adapted and tailored specifically to your organization and your business needs.


”Corporate compliance” is generally understood as measures taken to ensure the legality of all activities of the company, as well as managerial and supervisory bodies and employees of this company. Management and supervisors are obliged to ensure that provisions and regulations imposed by law are being met.


Measures taken under the Corporate Compliance is therefore considered an important part of their legal obligations. In case of abandonment by the management and supervisory body implementation of the “Corporate Compliance” in the enterprise, the very omission is a violation of the obligation of proper due diligence, which may be basis for a claim against the company management and supervisors. The risk management system used by INTERTAX includes legal, fiscal and economic aspects of the company to ensure the optimal minimization and risk prevention in the enterprise.


Registered Office Services


For organizations that operate in the Poland it is a regulatory requirement for them to provide an address to which official notices can be served. We can provide you with a registered office location in Warsaw, which includes a mail forwarding service and an address where legal notices can be served.


Legal support services


We are in constant cooperation with lawyers who are able to assist you in any legal issues.

The wide range of legal support services complements our offerings. We will provide you with Certified translation as needed for official use since for cross border transactions, subsidiary & branch registration and opening of bank accounts, a qualified translator is usually required.


PL Apostille


An apostille certificate is an official certificate that is attached to documents ensuring that they will be recognized and accepted in member states without the need for any further legislation. Some countries require notarial documents to be legalized by their own authorities and the document must in these circumstances be presented to the consulate or other diplomatic representation of the country where the document is to be used.


Polish official documents for legal transactions abroad are certified by: Apostille (If documents are to be used for legal transactions in countries that are party to the Hague Convention of 1961 for the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents) or Legalization (if documents are to be used for legal transactions in countries that are not party to the Hague Convention of 1961)


Suspension of business activity in Poland

According to Economic Freedom Act there is a possibility of suspending business activity in Poland both by the companies and individuals. 

Since suspension of business activity in Poland may be complicated issue we would advise you to contact us on this matter. INTERTAX will make sure that you are allowed to suspend your business activity in Poland and how long you are allowed to do so. Considering legal regulations and the interpretation and practice of tax authorities and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) suspending and renewing the operation of a company and what and where the document needs to be submitted and rules that needs to be followed a professional help is advisable.


Our other corporate services:


Drafting and Reviewing Commercial Agreements


Notarisation and Certified Translation Services


KRS reporting services


Registration in US and ZUS and in PIP