How to obtain a PESEL number in Poland

PESEL (Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludności- Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population) is the national identification number in Poland. It consists of 11 digits that are unique for every registered person.

There are two ways for foreigners to acquire PESEL number in Poland:

  • Received automatically after registration of residence in Poland for period longer than 30 days
  • If registration of residence is not possible, upon application for issuing PESEL number to the Voivodeship Office

If you are applying for PESEL, you need to submit an application form to the Voivodeship Office, which can also be done by the attorney in your stead.

Furthermore, it is required to provide a valid document confirming your identity and data provided in application – recommended is passport.

To complete the application required is information concerning:

Identity of applicant:

  • Name and Surname
  • Correspondence address
  • Citizenship
  • Date and place of birth
  • Valid document confirming identity

Additional data (if applicable and can be found within provided documents):

  • Names and Surnames of parents
  • Birth certificate designation code
  • Designation code of the registry office, which issued birth certificate
  • Marital status information 
  • Name and Surname of the spouse
  • PESEL of spouse, if available
  • Information about last important event involving marriage (marriage, divorce, abolishment of marriage, death of the spouse)
  • Date of the event
  • Designation of the certificate involving said event
  • Designation of the registry office that issued said certificate

Procedure at the administration itself is free of charge, however in case of making use of an attorney, on the basis of Power of Attorney a fee of 17 PLN for it is applied.

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