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Tag: occurrence of a chargeable event

Re-invoicing in VAT is not a separate activity therefore the tax liability (the tax point) that shall arise upon the resale of the service is the moment of its performance. Polish Supreme Administrative Court recently upheld the cassation appeal of the tax authorities in the case regarding the re-invoicing, that is the resale of the services. NSA decided that the tax point is not the moment of issuing of the re-invoice, but the tax liability shall rise upon the performance of the original services. (more…)

In exportation the occurrence of a chargeable event is on the day of issue of the invoice, but not later than 7 days from the date of delivery. In your case the occurrence of a chargeable event is in September. If your company has in its possession the document IE 599 before the deadline to submit the VAT return for September the company will be entitled to a 0% rate and indicate that supply in the September VAT return.