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Payroll Services Poland


We take care of payroll – we can do it more efficiently and economically so that you can focus on what you do best. Our dedicated Payroll Specialist will respond to your specific needs because we believe every client deserves exceptional service. With us you save your time, reduce your risk of time-consuming analysis of complex labor laws. With our help, you can avoid the risk of tax penalties and interests inevitable if mistakes in payroll are made. We have broad experience in assistance particularly provided for foreign companies employing people in Poland.

Scope of provided payroll services includes among the others:

1. Calculation according to Polish labor law salaries for employees and preparation of monthly payroll lists.

2. Preparation and sending to the employees monthly payslips including monthly gross/net salary, pension contribution as well as any other bonuses or deductions e.g. car allowance, travel expenses.

3. Preparation of Social Security statements

4. Preparation of PIT reports related to the employed people.


Human Resources


We manage HR area as well. We will provide you with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on HR. This will transform your organization allowing you to change high fixed costs of HR department into variable costs. You will gain flexibility to meet changing business conditions, acquire innovative ideas and obtain expertise otherwise not available.

Scope of provided HR services includes among the others:

1. Preparation of employment contracts’ projects, annexes, employment termination notices

2. Calculation of holiday core, holidays, maternity leaves according to Polish labor code

3. Preparation of various statements and information required by the employees e.g. for social insurance purposes

4. Payment of salaries on behalf of employers as well as transfers of tax and ZUS contributions to the tax office and National Insurance Institution on their behalf

5. Keeping personal records, issuing employment certificates