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Business Consulting


Market Research. Through market research we can prove to our clients if it is sensible to enter Polish market at all. Our research provides an overview of your main competitors, their prices, distribution channels and your chances of success. Based on this study Intertax will recommend entry strategy for your product or services.

The purpose of this service is to save you money and time by honestly assessing you chance of succeeding on the market. If we come to a conclusion that the client does not have a fair chance to do well on the particular market we will make specific recommendations for further actions an we are ready to implement them per our client’s request.


External Audit


Provisions of the Act on the freedom of business activity, as amended, lay down strict rules for the carrying out of a control of the entrepreneur’s activity by public administration bodies. A principle has been adopted adapted to the effect that no more than one control may be carried out at a time. This, however, does not apply to a situation when:

– ratified international agreements provide otherwise,

– carrying out of a control is necessary for the purposes of investigation or inquiry proceedings conducted against the entrepreneur,

– the control is to verify justification for the refund of value added tax prior to such refund,

– carrying out of a control is justified on grounds of a threat to human life or health, or to natural environment,

– carrying out of a control results from the obligations under Community rules on competition protection or obligations in respect of protection of financial interests of the European Community.

With regard to micro-, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, duration of control may not exceed 4 weeks, and 8 weeks for large entrepreneurs. These limitations do not apply, however, to the situations when multiple controls may be carried out concurrently. The foregoing rules governing entrepreneur control do not apply to the activities of entrepreneurs which are subject to:

(a) special tax supervision,

(b) capital and commodities market supervision,

(c) banking supervision,

(d) insurance supervision,

(e) pension schemes’ supervision,

(f) veterinary supervision.


Recruitment Solutions


Despite how great your products are, you cannot sell them if consumers don’t know about them. Having a local representative/sales agent in the targeted market is crucial in order to deal successfully with your customers. Starting or increasing your export activities may very well be the most effective way to grow your sales. However, selecting and evaluating possible partners, as well as building distribution network in another country can be challenging.

For companies that are interested in recruiting sales agents or distributors in Poland, we provide a comprehensive and unique range of services. We can help you through the entire planning, recruiting, contracting, and management processes.


  • Targeted advertising in daily newspapers, professional periodicals and websites
  • Structured Interview- Candidates fulfilling the requirements are invited to a meeting at which their competence is being assessed
  • References Verification- Per your request, we verify the references from previous employers
  • Salary expectations
  • Reports- we keep our clients up to date on the process and the results of our campaign

Our services allow our clients to enter the competitive polish market in the most cost effective and time efficient way. Intertax is able to adapt to the individual needs of our clients making every relationship very unique.

Please contact us about our Recruitment Campaign Services.


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