Poland will be a leader in the region

Poland’s economy, despite the European slowdown, in terms of GDP growth will be unrivaled in our region.

Polish GDP will go up to 2.9 % in 2012 as considered by the World Bank analysts. They indicate that in 2013 the Polish GDP will accelerate up to 3.2 percent.


World Bank study published on Wednesday “EU11 Regular Economic Report” presented the growth forecasts for the ten newest EU members and Croatia, which will join the European Union soon. World Bank pointed out that the crisis that there is in Europe currently, also has a negative impact on the “new” to the Union economies, but to a lesser extent than in the Euro area countries.

World Bank experts predict that this year the EU11 economy will grow by a total of 1.5 percent compared to 3.1 percent in 2011.


On the background of EU11 the Polish economy looks very good, which this year will grow by 2.9 percent as predicted by World Bank experts. This is the best result among the countries in our region. Behind Poland there are: Lithuania (2.3 percent), Latvia (2.3 percent) and Slovakia (2.1 percent).

In the estimates for the year 2013, analyst expect the Polish economy will accelerate up to 3.2 percent since external stabilization is predicted and there are factors considered that make the Polish economy less affected than other countries in what happens in the Euro zone.