Poland got approval from the European Commission for mandatory e-invoicing.

As from 1st January 2022, all entities in Poland can use the e-invoices system (KSeF) on a voluntary basis. Currently, the e-invoices are available on a par with the existing forms of invoicing – electronic and paper form.

Last year Poland submitted an application for consent to implement the mandatory e- invoices as the derogation of the art. 218 and 232 of the EU directive 2006/112/EU to the European Commission. The European Commission has given its consent and the mandatory e- invoices will be implemented as from 1st April 2023 till 31st March 2026 with a possibility of extension.

The KSeF system means a change in the process of issuing and receiving invoices. Structured invoices are prepared in accordance with the invoice template developed by the Ministry of Finance in local financial and accounting programs of entrepreneurs. After it is issued, the invoice is sent from the financial and accounting system via an interface (API) to the central base of the Ministry of Finance (KSeF), and then it is available in this system and can be downloaded by the contractor.

What is important for taxpayers from other countries, the e-invoices will be mandatory for the taxpayers established in the territory of Poland. The foreign entities, even those registered to VAT in Poland, will continue to issue invoices according to the current rules (they will not be obliged to use e-invoicing system).

The Ministry of Finance indicates many advantages of implementation of the e-invoicing system, such as:

– cost reduction- the invoices are stored and archived in KSeF system for 10 years,

– improving business transactions – introducing one standard invoice,

– no duplicate invoices – it is not possible to lose or destroy an invoice,

– one fixed invoice format with the data arranged in the order specified in the invoice template,

– issuing structured invoices entitles the taxpayer to refund VAT in a 1/3 period shortened – from 60 to 40 days,

– simplification of the settlement of structured corrective invoices in minus: at the seller at the time of issuing it, and at the buyer, if he agrees to receive electronic invoices – at the moment of its receipt at the KSeF.

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