Poland – an attractive location for investments in business services

The attractiveness of Poland as a location for investment in modern business services is improving.

According to the international consulting firm Hackett Group (company listed on NASDAQ). Now, we are on third place on a short list of companies looking for location for the centers of financial services, accounting and advisory services. Ahead of us were found only such powers as India and China.

Whereas in Europe we have become the undisputed number one. Nearly 95 percent of foreign investors operating in Poland would again choose Poland as a location for an investment – results from the conjunctural survey of 2012 of Polish-German Chamber of Commerce. According to a recent report the vast majority of the surveyed companies evaluate highly Polish workers. In the number of points granted to Poland by investors, Poland once again outpaced other countries in the region seeking new investments. Points were possible to get for the evaluation of 22 elements determining the inflow of foreign capital. With the total of 4,64 points for 6 possible we are ahead of among others Czech Republic and Slovakia. The four highest scoring points this year in Polish attractiveness factors are EU membership and the three HR factors, that is, qualifications, motivation and productivity of Polish workers.

It is increasingly evident that companies investing in Poland, no longer are looking for workers for simple operations such as call centers, but they are seeking experts in the field such as advisory. The analysis of Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) shows that from 2010, 11 percent of centers operating in Poland have introduced advanced services in place of existing simpler ones.