OECD praises Poland

Poland has the highest rate of economic growth compared with the most developed countries of the world – according to the OECD report. On Wednesday March 28th the leader of OECD Angel Gurria and Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak presented the analysis of the actual state and prospects of the Polish economy.

OECD experts emphasize that Poland during the global economic crisis has the highest GDP growth among the member states of the Organization.

Regarding to the GDP per capita, since 2005 Poland is catching up with old EU countries at twice the rate than at the beginning of this decade, said OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria. The Polish economy is also less exposed to external risk than other economies of the Visegrad Group.

Poland has a lower level of external debt, flexible credit line and official reserves increased to 20 percent of GDP explained Angel Gurria.

It is inevitable, however, the economic downturn, this year. The OECD estimates that, due to external factors and cuts in public spending the GDP will grow this and next year at a rate of up to 3 percent by year. OECD notes, however, that for the Poland continuous challenge is to reform the public finance sector. Experts indicate the necessity of rapid reform of the agricultural insurance, raising the retirement age.

As one of the basic challenges our country has to deal with are the changes in the healthcare system, the OECD experts point out.