New VAT return forms

The Ministry of Finances prepared project of four draft regulations, containing the new VAT return forms. The new forms shall be effective to use starting from 01.04.2013. The new regulations have been prepared in relation with the VAT Act amendments (Law Journal 2013, position 35).

In the VAT return forms: VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-7D, VAT-8 and VAT-9M the changes of a technical nature were introduced. The forms in use right now can be used no longer than for the last period of 2013, except for the tax periods where the taxpayer makes a correction of a tax base and the amount of the tax due on the basis of an Article 89a of the VAT Act or makes an increase of the input tax on the basis of an Article 89b paragraph 4 of the VAT Act.

Starting from 01.04.2013 taxpayers who do not have fixed establishment on the territory of Poland, will have the possibility to establish a tax representative in Poland, without having to register as an active VAT payer.

The new VAT return forms also prepared by the Ministry of Finances are: VAT-10, VAT-11, VAT-12.