Registration in the National Court Register


The next step is registration in the National Court Register. It is done by Court Register after submission of the registration application prepared by the company’s board, which contain following elements: • name, type of the company and its registered seat • the amount of the share capital • the first names and surnames of the management board members and the manner of representation of the company • the first names and surnames of the members of the supervisory board or the audit commission (if exist) • the duration of the company, if established for a definite time period • information on non-cash (in-kind) contributions made, the number and nominal value of shares subscribed for by individual shareholder The application should be filed and submitted jointly with: • The Company Agreement • documents establishing company’s bodies and their members, if they are not mentioned in the Company Agreement • a representation of all members of the management board that all of the shareholders made full contributions towards the share capital • the list of shareholders (either natural or legal persons) including the number of shares held by each shareholder signed by all members of the management board • sample of signatures of members of the management board placed before the Court or certified by a public notary; • personal data of the members of the management board Additional requirements connected with necessary registration are settled by Article 320 of the Polish Companies Code (2). The costs of registration amounts to 1,000 PLN.

The Central Statistics Office (GUS), Social Insurance Institution / Social Security Office (ZUS), Tax Office

After registration in the Court each company should acquire a REGON statistical number in the local Central Statistics Office (GUS) (3), which is issued without charge. The registration is based on the application filed by the entrepreneur on the form RG – 1 and submitted with The Company Deed and the copy of the registration document from the Registration Court. GUS is obliged to issue a REGON within 7 days, but if the entrepreneur applies for it in person, the whole procedure should last no more than 20 – 30 minutes. In the end the company should register in the Social Insurance Institution (4) and, after opening the bank account, in an appropriate Revenue Office (5).