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Can the company file VAT returns and EC sales list on quaterly basis?

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EU company selling to Polish customers (and having EC acquisitions … therefore they need the VAT number). Could they file VAT returns on a quarterly basis from the beginning or would an expected turnover of 500,000 EUR make this impossible? And even if they had to file VAT returns monthly (as a legal requirement?), would they be able to file EC acquisitions quarterly? Or does the VAT return frequency have to match the EC list frequency? (So monthly VAT = monthly EC list?)

Answer: Company could file VAT returns quarterly from the beginning if they notify tax office about it. This solution gets complicated if a company has VAT to pay as if in previous quarter the company had VAT to pay, in the next quarter they have to pay monthly advance payments in 1/3rd of the VAT due from previous quarter. Frequency of filing EC sales list is independent from frequency of filing VAT returns, so they could file EC sales list quarterly if regarding:
IC supplies – the transactions amount in given quarter or in 4 preceding ones does not exceed 250 000 PLN
IC acquisition – the transactions amount in given quarter does not exceed 50 000 PLN