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Beginning of the 2018 Poland is going to introduce a split payment mechanism on VAT. There will be no obligation to apply the new mechanism, however the government will be encouraging the tax payers to use it. According to the project of the amendments in Polish VAT act, incentives will consist of:


a) releasing the taxpayers that are business customers (hereinafter taxpayers) from the sanctions for incorrectness in its VAT reconciliations arising from the invoices paid in the split payment mechanism,

b) releasing the taxpayers from joint and several responsibilities related to sensitive goods purchases (among others: part of steel products, fuel, heating oils, lubricating oils), and

c) granting the taxpayers, the accelerated VAT refund procedure, which will let to shorten the deadline for VAT refund from 60 to 25 days only.


The details of the changes are available in the project of the amendments to the Polish VAT law at this link: https://lnkd.in/gvp2shR Unfortunately, the content is available in Polish only.