Simplifications in customs procedures in the SATOS system

As from 1st of October, the SATOS system has been extended to the new service- notifications of custom procedures in airports as well as seaports. It is expected that this year the notification will be available for road and railway border crossing too.  

The custom notification is a service whereby the importers and exporters have opportunity to notify the custom authority of the intention to transport goods to a selected border customs office. The new service allows to significantly shorten the time to complete the customs formalities due to some of activities are performed before the goods arrive as the border crossing. At the time of sending the custom notification, it is also received by the customs inspectors, what also shortens the time of border control.  

The extended version of the notification allows to complete by the one declaration the customs formalities, such as: sending the entry summary declaration, exit summary declaration, notification of arrival as well as notification of presentation of goods. Relevant information in this regard issent by the system to other appropriate systems. 

The notification can be made by any entity involved in foreign supply, in particular: importers, exporters, carriers, shipowners, couriers, custom agencies, freight forwarders, travel agencies, truck drivers. 

The entity should made custom notification as soon as it has information about the goods, but not later than before the goods are presented to the customs authority. It is also possible to rectify or amend the notification when data regarding goods or persons have been changed for the logistical or other reasons.  

The service is free of charge.  

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