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The Associations Conference Forum (AC Forum) – European network of NGOs – is organizing for September 27th and 28th its “International VAT workshop” that will be held in Lausanne.

Trusted TRA Members La Répresentation Fiscale (France), Tax Partners (Spain) and Studio Cassinis (Italy) will host the two days workshop.

Mr. Donato Raponi, Former Head of Division VAT and other Turnover Taxes at the European Commission will enhance this event with his presence by talking about the near future of the EU VAT system.

The conference part of the workshop will provide advice and guidance on VAT issues faced by non-profit organisations involved in congress and events management within the EU.

Breakout sessions will provide opportunities to share experience and know-how while discussing case studies and questions submitted by the participants in depth.


From 1 July 2018, all taxpayers, regardless the size are obliged to provide additional SAF-T files at the request of tax authorities during VAT proceedings, verification activities or tax and custom audits. These SAF-T reports can be transferred using the same application, by means of which VAT SAF-T files are sent or delivered on USB stick, CD/DVD or other data carriers.


The additional SAF-T files include:


– accounting books – JPK_KR

– bank statements – JPK_WB

– warehouse – JPK_MAG

– VAT invoices – JPK_FA

– tax revenue and expense ledger – JPK_PKPIR

– evidence of revenues – JPK_EWP


The taxpayers will generally have not less than three days to provide the additional SAF-T files. Exact date will be stated in the letter from the tax auditors, however, in justified cases (e.g. large amount of data, absence of a responsible person) a taxpayer will be entitled to ask the tax authorities to extend this deadline.


The additional structures have been introduced to significantly speed up the tax audits and to reduce the need to visit the tax office by the taxpayers as well as to minimize the visits of the tax inspectors at the company’s headquarters.


You can find here more information about the XML structure and data required for this obligation.


The minimum tax in Poland on commercial real estate has been introduced in 2018.

It is income tax, which must be paid by owners of commercial properties worth more than PLN 10 million. Although these regulations are new, there are plans to amend them. This is the effect of consultation with the European Commission (EC).

The changes will be introduced in a few areas.

1.Liable to taxation will be only the buildings that are used under a rental, lease etc. agreement. Buildings not meeting the criteria will not be taxable. This beneficial solution would also apply to the minimum tax already paid in 2018.

  1. 2.The method of applying the threshold of PLN 10 million to which the minimum tax does not apply, will be different. After the changes, there will be one free amount for a taxpayer, not for every building.
  2. 3.The minimum commercial property taxes in Poland will be applicable for all buildings being rented or leased including hotels, warehouses and residential buildings, with an exemption for residential buildings connected with government programs related to social housing.

4. Special anti-tax avoidance clause regarding the minimum tax  will be introduced- transfers made solely for the purpose of avoiding the commercial property tax in Poland will not be accepted by the tax administration.


Read mor about Property taxes in Poland



Polish ‘Act Amending the Act on Value Added Tax and Certain Other Acts’ (“Split Payment Regulation”) introduced the ‘split payment’ mechanism for VAT transactions in Poland from 1st July 2018.

Polish banks have opened a dedicated VAT account for all theirs clients (“VAT Account”) to reflect this change.

The accounts owners do not need to take any action in connection with these changes and will not need to inform its customers of new standard settlement instructions. The payment will be split automatically if that option is chosen by customer so that the net amount of the payment is applied to existing account and the VAT amount is applied to VAT Account.

The Polish government encourages the use the new solution.

However, it is worth remembering, in principle the transfer from the VAT account is possible only to another VAT account or to the account of a tax office.



In 2018, we at INTERTAX Company entered our 25th year as a tax advisory & accounting company.


In 1993, INTERTAX was founded under the guiding mission of helping companies doing business in Poland.


Now, twenty five years later, this ensemble of 23 people is still united around the same vision. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions and services suited to their individual needs.




25th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, August 11th 2018 – a walk from the office to restaurant accompanied by Leliwa Jazz Band



EFS Seminar at Erasmus University Rotterdam – “Action Plan on VAT: Towards a Single VAT Area?”





GDPR seminar held by Studio Cassinis at Forum Club Bologna 2018


GDPR seminar held by Studio Cassinis at ForumClub Bologna 2018

The data sent by Polish VAT taxpayers via SAF-T are so detailed that Polish Ministry of Finance began to lead to the liquidation of the VAT returns in Poland starting 1st January 2019.
These plans of the Ministry were confirmed by prof. Teresa Czerwinska, Polish minister of finances at last Monday press conference in Warsaw.
Polish entrepreneurs hope that when the obligation to send tax returns will disappear, the VAT reporting in Poland thanks to SAF-T will be simple and fully automated.